Umberto "Burt" Porcaro

Umberto Porcaro, born in 1979, has been playing guitar for the last 30 years. His passion for Blues music started in his early age, and it has brought him to play along with the greatest, international blues men. After his first experiences with local bands, Umberto visits Chicago for the first time, where he gets to perform with Billy Branch and The Sons of Blues, Fernando Jones, Eomot Rasun, Johnny Dollar.
He publishes his first record “You Belong To Me”, followed by “Burn The Day Away”, receiving a great appreciation from national and international press.
He later wins the auditions for “Obiettivo Blues In”, during the Pistoia Blues Festival, earning the chance to perform with amazing artists such BB.KING, BUDDY GUY, ROBBEN FORD, ROY ROGERS, CANNET HEAT, THE BLUES BAND and to be included in the compilation of the Pistoia Blues Festival album.
Umberto moves to the States, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here is where he gets to exhibit in the most famous Blues clubs of America, such as Café Boogaloo in Hermosa Beach (Los Angeles), The Saloon (San Francisco), Mojo Lounge (Freemont), and the “Biscuit and Blues” also in San Francisco.
While in California, Umberto meets other great Blues artists such as KIM WILSON, KID RAMOS, JUNIOR WATSON, KID RAMOS, HOLLYWOOD BLUES FLAMES, MURK HUMMEL e R.J.MISCHO.
He becomes very good friend with some of those performers, starting new collaborations that will bring him back to the US.
Umberto is now a well-known and appreciated musician, and he starts touring with several American performers such as Jerry Portnoy, Sonny Rhodes, Toni T.C. Coleman, RJ.Mischo, Andy Just, Pat Wilder, Texas Slim, Vivian Vance Kelly, Brian Templeton, Dave Ryley in the most important festivals and clubs of Europe. He also participates to the biggest Blues festivals all over the world: Vache de Blues (Francia), Bellinzona Blues Passion (Svizzera), Blues and Jazzy Rallye (Lussemburgo), Hookrock e Gouvy Blues Festival (Belgio), Pistoia Blues Festival (Italia); Magic Blues (Svizzera); Festival (Slovacchia).
Later on, he publishes two other records. In 2013, the album “Pleasure Is My Business” by Feelin’ Good Records in Milan, brings him to tour around Europe. Since 2015 Umberto has been performing with Voodoo Bros, a Roots music project that embraces American traditional music (Blues, Gospel, Country). With this project, he publishes “Pay My Pains” in 2017.
In 2016, with the label Kayman Records, he launches the record “El Camino Stomp”.

Recently he collaborated with Marco Pandolfi – performing in important shows in Italy and Switzerland – Henry Carapento and singer Alessandra Salerno, adding his guitar skills in the new album. Later on, Umberto plays at the Google Camp and at the Niaf Gala, in Washington.
For two of years, Umberto has joined the band QUATTRO, a musical project formed by 4 acoustic guitar players and singers. The band received the appreciation and the interest of the famous guitar company “Eko Music Group”, that strongly wanted them as ambassadors of Martin Guitar & Co. during the Cremona Musica International show, the most relevant event of lutherie in the world.
In 2018 and 2019 Umberto tours around Europe with the historical drummer of BB King, Tony Coleman, who appreciates his great professionalism and sensibility.
Umberto recently won the Blues Music Award of 2019 as ambassador of the Blues made in Italy, and is now ready to publish a new project, investing all of his great experience and giving space to a sound that became mature and unique.
Umberto has been an endorsement for important brands such as EKO GUITARS, MAGRABRO’, STRAPS, KILLPICK.

He played with:

Billy Branch, Fernando Jones, Eomot Rasun, Johnny Dollar, Peaches Staten, Herbie Goins, Andy J.Forest, Kim Wilson, Jerry Portnoy, Sonny Rhodes,Tony TcColeman, Junior Watson, Little Charlie Baty, Bob Corritore, Sir Waldo Wheters, The Hollywood Blue Flames (Al blake, Larry Taylor, Richard Innes) Rj Mischo, Mark Hummel, Sax Gordon Beatle, Big Pete Person, Enrico Crivellaro, Andy Just, Pat Wilder, Texas Slim, Brian Templeton, Slam Hallen, Vivian Kelly, June Core, Brian Fahey, Marty Dotson, Mike Carino, Paul Junior, Randy Bermudas, Chris James, Johnny Cat Soubrand, Dilu’ Scheol Miller, Jonathan Kane, David Burnes, Marco Pandolfi, Nick Becattini, Pippo Guarnera, Rigo Righetti, Mel Previte, Roby Pellati, Max Lugli, Piotta, Sottotono, Luca Colombo, Maurizio Pugno, Henry Carpaneto, Angelo “Leadbelly” Rossi, Mario Insenga & Blue Stuff.
Opening act: BB.King, Canned Heat, Cedric Burnside and Lightinin Malcom, Robben Ford, Nine Below Zero, Popa Chubby, Dana Fuchs, Steve Gibbons, Rudy Rotta, Janiva Magness, Subdudes, Slam Hallen, Eric Sardinas, The Blues Band, Guy King


Magic Blues (CH), Vaches De Blues (FR), Hookrock (B), Jazz Blues Rallye (L),Bluza Svetki (LV), Bellinzona Blues Session (CH), Umago (HR), Umbria Jazz (IT), Pistoia Blues Festival (IT), Rootsway Blues Festival (IT), Marco Fiume Blues Passion (IT), CrossRoad Blues Festival (IT), Summertime Blues Festival (IT), Green Hills (IT), Blues in town (IT), Ficuzza Jazz and Blues (IT), Sol Music (IT), Festa dell'Unità Correggio (IT), Italian Blues River (IT), Ameno Blues Festival (IT), Tropea Blues Festival (IT), Blues and Wine (IT), Red Moon Festival (IT), Blues At Balues (IT), Red sud Fest (IT), Etna in Blues (IT), Licata Blues Festival, Marzamemi in Blues (IT), Ortigia in Blues (IT), Sfilza Blues (IT), Castelbuono Jazz Festival (IT), Asti in musica (IT), Alburni Jazz Blues (IT), Silvi Marina Blues (IT), Trend Blues Festival (IT), Lune Rock (IT), Kaiman Blues River (IT), Torrita (IT),Andora Jazz,Gdynia Blues Festival (Pl), Blues and Jazz Festival (De), Google Camp (IT), Gran Gala' NIAf (Usa), Martin Guitar Stand Cremona Fiere (IT), Gouvy Blues (B) Blues Festival (Sk)