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Andy Just april 2011, Stones Cafè 148_cr_cr
Unica tappa a Palermo del tour siciliano di Umberto Porcaro and the Shuffle Kings al Palermo Jazz Club di Via Quintino Sella 51.
Umberto Porcaro & The Shuffle Kings, band composta da Luca “Loppo” Tonani al basso , Carmelo Sacco al sax tenore, e Federico Chisesi alla batteria , proporrà l’accattivante sound che elabora e fonde in modo naturale il Jump blues della scuola californiana col Chicago blues, aggiungendo un’ accento ruvido, tagliente e aggressivo puramente texano: segni distintivi di un cocktail musicale dinamico e coinvolgente.
Dopo le numerose esperienze negli States, sulla West Coast, tra Los Angeles e San Francisco che hanno visto Umberto Porcaro protagonista insieme a grandi esponenti della scena blues come Kim Wilson, Kid Ramos, Junior Watson, Hollywood Blue Flames, Mark Hummel e R.J Mischo con i quali ha stretto un vero e proprio sodalizio artistico, comincia a collaborare con la Feelin’ Good Productions ,etichetta discografica e agenzia italiana specializzata nel Blues , che lo porta in tutta Europa per offrire il suo talento ad artisti come Jerry Portnoy Andy Just, Pat Wilder, Texas Slim, Vivian Vance Kelly e Brian Templeton, dimostrando così di essere un musicista di uno spessore artistico non indifferente, tanto da guadagnarsi il rispetto della critica e del pubblico diventando uno dei più esperti veterani della scena blues contemporanea.
In “Pleasure Is My Business” , nuovo disco di Umberto Porcaro il messaggio è chiaro: “Pleasure Is My Business, I wanna make your feel all right”.

1°spettacolo alle ore 19.00
2°spettacolo alle ore 21.30
Si richiede la prenotazione.
Per info rivolgersi 366/7864007(Alberto)

“Il Blues non morira’ mai perché in ogni angolo del pianeta c’è un ragazzo come Umberto Porcaro innamorato di una musica semplice e per questo immortale”.
B.B King “La Repubblica” Martedì 9 Luglio 2002

Jerry Portnoy & Umberto Porcaro Shuffle Kings (USA/IT) HookRock 2014

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Jerry Portnoy says:”Umberto Porcaro plays the blues with fire and with feeling. He’s the real deal!”

Umberto Porcaro and the Shuffle Kings with The legendary Jerry Portnoy

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Available for European Tour:
from June 25th to July 20th 2014 
 Confirmed dates: 
28th JUne – Torrita Blues Festival
4th July – Vache de Blues (F)
5th July – Hookrock Festival (B)
19th July – Luxemburg Jazz Rallye (L)
Feelin’ Good Productions & Records
Viale Stelvio 51 – 20159 Milano – Italy
Cell: (+39) 348.7635854


TWANGMASTER set by Lcb and Ghlab

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Ecco ci siamo, finalmente sono onorato di presentarvi il nuovo set di pick-up per TELECASTER realizzati dalle preziosi mani di Gigi Hendrix (ghlab) e Luca Benanti (lbc), non ho mai sentito un suono così bello… Grazie per tutte le ore che avete dedicato a questo progetto e soprattutto grazie per aver pensato a me come test… Video and sound clip coming sono.

ALNICO V  filo heavey formwar awg 42 ,7,4 il ponte e 5,7il manico


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Spring Tours 2014
 Available February 2014,  3rd – 23rd
Disponibile dal 3 al 23 Febbraio 2014
**********Represented exclusively for Europe – Esclusiva Europea**********

“Brian Templeton is one of the most talented vocalists tocome along in quite a while. His combination of power and conviction along with unerring pitch and swinging and flexible sense of time makes his delivery truly stand out, and his dynamic stage presence makes him a “mustsee” live”.

 JERRY PORTNOY-Harmonica Master, played with MuddyWaters, The Legendary Blues Band and Eric Clapton’s Blues  Band.

“Brian is one hell of a singer, harmonica player and songwriter plus he’s an exciting performer.He really is the complete package !”
SUGAR RAY NORCIA-Singer/Harpman extrodinaire of
Sugar Ray and The Bluetones and former front man of Roomful of Blues.
In 1989, a new face hit the Boston Blues scene. With his powerful voice and commanding stage presence, Brian Templeton made a name for himself in short time. After a period of Blues jams and sitting in with some of New Englands top acts such as Ronnie Earl and Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, he was asked to join the dynamicband Rockin Jake and the Rollercoasters. Led by Harmonica ace Rockin Jake Jacobs, the Rollercoasters pumped out high energy Blues as Brian learned to work a crowd and honed his vocal skills, causing word to spread through the scene about this new guy who can really belt it out. Upon his departure from The Rollercoasters, he was called by three of the areas most popular bands. The Movers, Boston Baked Blues and Little Frankie and the Premiers. Ultimately, because of their three part harmonies and instrumental prowess, he decided to join the latter and enjoyed much success as a member of this top-notch outfit. In 1991 however Brian decided it was time to be the leader of his own band and formed The Radio Kings with up and coming guitar whiz MichaelDinallo. Templeton started working on his harmonica skills and after only 4 months as a unit The Radio Kings came out of nowhere to win the Boston Blues Society’s Battle of the Blues Bands, edging out some of the best veteran performers of the time. Ted Drosdowski music critic/reporter for The Boston Phoenix was quotedas saying “These guys are the band to watch”. Chicago- born Blues Harp Master Jerry Portnoy (Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton) liked them so much, he hired them to be his backing band and took them out on the road, giving them a taste of what the future had in store for them and for the whole of 1992, traveled the U.S. in a box truck, doing one one night stand after another and loving it. Just after this time Brian was asked to join the house band at the newly opened House of Blues in Cambridge MA and then started writing songs for what would be the first Radio King record. It Aint Easy was released in 1994 on the Memphis based label Icehouse Records on which Brian sang a duet with Blues legend Little Milton. It was extremely well received by fans and critics in the U.S. and opened up the European market for them as well, becoming the number one selling Blues record in Belgium. After a highly acclaimed live album, Live at B.B. Kings and many miles on the road, including high profile shows such as King Biscuit Blues Festival and the Peer Rhythm and Blues festival in Belgium, the Kings signed in 1997 with Bullseye Blues (Rounder Records) and released Money Road on which they continued to tour relentlessly until their demise in 1999. “Brian Templeton has gone solo in scintillating fashion. Showcasing a soul-drenched voice that cuts across styles with deceptive ease. Templeton sings (and writes) first rate songs, imbuing them with passion and clarity. ” Steve Morse The Boston Globe – The new millennium brought with it a fresh start for Templeton as a solo artist and a chance to bring his name to the forefront of his musical exploits. Fledgling label Stone Cold Records signed Brian, giving him complete artistic freedom and the result was the much lauded CD Home. On this project Templeton teamed up with long time friend and guitar prodigy Monster Mike Welch who produced and played guitars on the disc. Their love of musical styles other than Blues is clearly evident on this collaboration which featured nine songs written by Templeton and some cool covers including a swampy version of Marvin Gayes Trouble Man and a unique R&B version of Long Gone Lonesome Blues the classic Hank Williams tune. The CD was critically acclaimed and got a good deal of airplay. Unfortunately because of the inexperience of the new label (which folded after this, its first and only release) and a waning Blues scene, the CD went fairly un-noticed to the masses and is considered a hidden gem by many. Nevertheless, Templeton forged ahead and continued making a name for himself in the international music scene. First in 2003 -2004 as Vocalist/Harpman for U.K. Blues Guitar hero, Otis Grands Big Blues band, touring Canada, Portugal and all of Scandinavia and then in February of 2005, under his own name in Italy. That year he also toured as a special guest member of the Sonny Rhodes Blues Band with which he played in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland. Templeton opened each show with a few songs and then backed the Texas Slide Guitar legend with Harmonica and Background Vocals for the rest of the show. This tour added countless new members to Templetons ever-growing fan base and has opened new markets in which Templeton has already received offers for future tours. So far 2006 has brought a second tour of Italy and a forthcoming engagement in Russia. On the home front, Templeton has molded his shows into an eclectic mix of American music styles. Adding Acoustic guitar to his show and performing Country, Rock and Soul as well as his long time staple, the Blues. All the while maintaining the level of energy in performance hes known for. The main thing he prides himself on is his ability to entertain his fans. I dont think of myself as a musician first but as a showman. I want my audience involved, whether it be by dancing, singing or just clapping along to the beat. This onstage attitude has earned him the reputation as one of Bostons most dynamic performers and a legion of dedicated fans. Well, after six years Templeton has finally released his second CD. On this self-produced, self-released record entitled Bloozin, Brian wanted to do a more solidly Blues based recording and put together what he called the Dream Team for a band. The CD features Michael Mudcat Ward on Bass and Per Hanson on Drums. Collectively these two musicians have played on hundreds of Blues recordings, backing such legendary artists as James Cotton, Ronnie Earl and Hubert Sumlin, to name a few. On guitars, Templeton once again called on Monster Mike Welch and also recruited the great Kid Bangham (Fabulous Thunderbirds) for two guitar attack that really delivers the old school blues sound. Making special appearances are David Maxwell on Piano and Greg Piccolo, founding member and former front-man of the legendary Roomful of Blues on Tenor Sax. Scott Aruda on Trumpet and Travis Colby on the Hammond B3 round out this killer ensemble. The disc features 7 songs penned by Templeton and is sure to be a must have for Blues fans all over the world. After sixteen years in the business, eight as the leader of Boston’s Radio Kings and eight years as a solo artist, during which two great studio records were released, a live record has finally been made that captures the essence and energy of Brian Templeton perfoming live. Recorded over two nights in March 2007 at the Bluesiana Rock Café in Velden Austria, this unique two disc release features Templeton backed by a band of fine Italian musicians, who keep the groove rocking and rolling as Templeton does his thing. On guitar is international touring and recording artist, Enrico Crivellaro.  Enrico has brought his brand of high powered guitar slinging to people all over the world., and
has wowed audiences and garnered countless fans from the  Americas to Asia and of course all over Europe. The band is rounded out by a strong rhythm section featuring Luca Tonani on bass and Lele Zamperini on drums. This unit has backed Templeton on most of his recent tours and it shows. The band is tight and confident, backing Templeton on many styles. Rocking Blues, New Orleans Rock N Roll, Chicago and Texas Shuffles, Jump, Strolls and some down and dirty slow Blues. Templeton covers his whole career, performing some Radio Kings gems to songs from both his solo records HOME and  BLOOZIN’ plus many classic covers.
The smorgasbord of styles and solid groove will keep all Roots music fans jumpin’ and jivin’ till the break of dawn !!!

Blues in Town Policoro

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Umberto Porcaro & The Shuffle Kings feat R.J. Mischo

Umberto  Porcaro è un cantante dotato di voce intensa e graffiante e un chitarrista dal fraseggio pungente e pirotecnico. “Umberto Porcaro & Rollercoaster” è la sua prima band e con questa debutta discograficamente con “You Belong To Me”, a cui seguono partecipazioni ad importanti Festival Blues e Jazz. Vince un concorso per emergenti, nell’ambito del Pistoia Blues Festival, ha l’opportunità di condividere il palco con artisti come B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Robben Ford, Roy Rogers, Canned Heat, The Blues Band. Con “Burn The Day Away”, suo secondo CD, ottiene ottimi consensi dalla stampa italiana e estera. L’esperienza negli States lo avvicina a grandi esponenti della scena blues tra i quali Kim Wilson, Kid Ramos e R.J. Mischo con i quali stringe un vero sodalizio artistico. Umberto, dopo anni di roventi esibizioni live, ha dimostrato di essere un grande musicista che ha saputo guadagnarsi il rispetto della critica e del pubblico diventando uno dei più esperti veterani della scena blues contemporanea.



rj promoRJ. Mischo è un grande cantante e uno dei più quotati maestri contemporanei.La sua carriera ha inizio più di vent’anni fa a Minneapolis dove lavora con le più grandi leggende della scena blues come Muddy Waters, suo mentore, Sonny Rogers, Percy Strothers e Milwaukee Slim. Cantante dalla voce potente, R.J. ha il dono dell’immediatezza e il suo fraseggio all’armonica è certamente imponente. Suona lo strumento con passione, grinta e con un personalissimo stile che lo hanno fatto riconoscere dal grande pubblico e dalla critica specializzata come uno dei numeri uno della scena contemporanea. Presto scopre l’aspro fascino del blues anni cinquanta e si concentra nel catturarlo e nel viverlo come una tradizione vitale e potente. Filtra la vita quotidiana e le esperienze personali attraverso la sua armonica e il canto, e ciò che ne esce è la passione sanguigna, il divertimento e l’energia ad alto voltaggio blues. R.J. comincia ad essere internazionalmente conosciuto quando si costruisce il gruppo R.J. MISCHO & KID MORGAN BAND con il chitarrista Teddy Morgan e con Percy Strother.

…Just Another Blast Blues Show From Feelin’ Good Productions!

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Umberto Porcaro & The Shuffle Kings

   Umberto, after years of hot performances “live”, has proven to be a musician of some artistic value, which
     has earned   the respect of critics and the public, becoming one of the most experienced veterans of the
     contemporary blues scene, and not only in Italy! Featuring a rich  voice,  scratchy  and  passionate  phrasing
     on  guitar, pungent and pyrotechnic, Umberto has been able to develop and blend in a natural way the jump
     blues of the Californian school with the Chicago blues, adding a rough accent, sharp and aggressive, purely
     Texan: they are the hallmarks of a dynamic and exciting musical cocktail. The Shuffle Kings, formed by
     Luca “Loppo” Tonani on bass and Lele Zamperini on drums, create a strong and powerful rhythmic section.
     Both Luca and Lele have a wealth of experience really striking, that few others can boast.
     Umberto’s guitar work is wonderfully versatile, and overall, this is an excellent and totally successful modern
     blues-based set which incorporates elements from Californian Jump blues to Texas blues and roll, displays
     of highly rumbustious goodtime guitarwork.
     Mischo’s formal music career got its start over 30 years ago while working his way up through the thriving
     Minneapolis blues scene—his first paying gig came by way of Mississippi-bred singer/guitarist Percy Strother
     in the late-1970s. By the early ’80s, Mischo was working with Muddy Waters’ band alumni, George “Mojo” Buford,
     and had discovered the secrets to achieving a full-tone on his harmonica via tongue-blocking, a method taught
     to him by recent Los Angeles transplant, Lynwood Slim, who had taken up residence in Minneapolis at the time.
     About a year after establishing an all-star blues jam with guitarist Teddy Morgan every Sunday evening
     at the Five Corners Bar in 1991, the pair released their collaborative debut effort, “Ready To Go,” featuring
     vocalist Percy Strother on Blue Moon Records. Mischo’s first official solo album, “Gonna Rock Tonight,”
     followed in ’94. Mischo continued to release top-shelf recordings, building up an impressive and sizable
     catalog in the process, while always employing the services of high caliber musicians such as Jeremy
     Johnson, Steve Freund, Junior Watson, Frank Goldwasser, Rusty Zinn, Kid Andersen, Barrelhouse Chuck,
     June Core and Richard Innes. He’s also maintained a consistently aggressive touring schedule, making
     regular trips overseas to Europe, and has even travelled to South America for performances with Brazil’s
     own blues emissaries, the Igor Prado Band.
     His Delta Groove debut, “Make It Good,” is RJ Mischo’s tenth release and he makes good on the promise
     of that title by delivering a high-octane fueled album—complete with 100% original material—backed
     by a formidable stable of talent featuring Austin’s foremost blues elite. Mischo explains: “I was at the King
     Biscuit Blues Festival watching a performance of Anson Funderburgh when the vision for this album came to me.
     I knew the drummer Wes Starr lived in Austin, Texas. I asked him right then and there if he would be interested
     in working with me on this project.” Joining Starr on the Austin sessions are guitarists Nick Curran and Johnny
     Moeller, bassist Ronnie James Weber, and pianist Nick Connolly. Drummer Richard Medek, and Mischo’s old pal,
     guitarist Jeremy Johnson, are also on board for a couple of lowdown tracks recorded in St. Paul, Minnesota.
     Prepare yourself for some big blues and a little rock ‘n roll, on what most assuredly adds up to one of RJ Mischo’s
     toughest sounding and most satisfying ventures yet…make it good indeed!

        Texas Slim

       Texas Slim could very well be a reincarnate of a passed soulful singer who plays guitar and is once again carving out a niche
        in blues music history. Born and raised in Dallas, TX…. Slim from an early age met and played with the great Alex Moore,
       (who first recorded the blues in 1929) and later Little Joe Blue. In March of 2002 Slim released his second solo effort
       “I Have Arrived” which includes the production and performance talents of Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors/Joan Osborne and others).
       In addition to his own records, Slim has recorded and toured with Cold Blue Steel, Randy McAllister, FOAMY (New Bohemians)
        and has graced the stages of the House of Blues as well as one of the first artists to ever play a Hard Rock Cafe.
        Also in late 2001 became the birth of the Love Machine. Joey Love and Bill Cornish have known each other for several years.
      Bill had been an occasional sound engineer for the Blues Xpress and when Joey needed a bass player he called
       upon Bill who had recently been on tour with Jimmy Morgan and Texas Slim backing up Randy McAllister.
       After a year and a half of performing with Bill in the Blues Xpress, Joey sensed he needed a new direction which came one night
      in the back of a club in Dallas, TX.  There was Texas Slim and Joey Love talking about wanting to form a band
      with another guitarist and as they say ‘the rest is history’. This truly has been a musical match made in heaven,
      neither Slim or Joey try to outdo the other but, actually compliment each which exudes in the music that
      transcends from the stages they perform. The year 2006 is quickly becoming the band’s best year yet starting
      if off by recording a National TV Commercial and Radio spots for Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant’s which will
      be shown in markets across the country. The video was directed by Danny Clinch who’s photography talents have been seen in
      Rolling Stone, GQ, Vanity Fair among others. Danny also directed a DVD for Bruce Springsteen which recently won a Grammy!
      The band recently took part in the 2006 IBC Competition in Memphis and drew a great deal of attention to them increasing their
      fan base and recently opened for the likes of Johnny Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, and Savoy Brown. Texas Slim third CD just come
      out in May 2009 for European label Blues Boulevard.Two new CDs produced by Feelin’ Good Records in 2011, the first one recorded
      live “Cooking with Gas”, the second one recorded
      in studio, “Lucky Mojo” turned the spotlight of the world media on him. Excellent reviews of both CDs, with some interviews
      like the one published on Blues Matters, together with a wide crowd of followers, proclaim Texas Slim as a musician of great
      talent of the new generation. Do not forget his participation in the “Blues Explosion Show” in 2009, next to E.C.ScottR.J.Mischo
      and the legendary Sonny Rhodes, and in 2012, which saw him headliner on the stages of the best European festivals together
      with Vivian Vance Kelly and  Brian Templeton. In short, a force of nature, not only in Texas !

Watch out !


Slide and Picks Case For Umberto Porcaro

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168534_10151525822974508_354897643_nGrande novità in campo di accessori per chitarristi che amano portarsi dietro i propri slide e i propri plettri.

Sono lieto di annunciare l’endorsement di questo splendido oggetto realizzato dalla Bluexlab. Non dimenticate di dare un occhiata a tutta la produzione.

Valigette porta Slide personalizzate:

  • Struttura in multistrato in legno di pioppo spessore 0,8cm
  • Rivestimento esterno in ecopelle o Tolex
  • Rivestimento interno in tessuto o velluto
  • Fondi rivestiti con spugna spessore 0,5cm
  • Accessori di ferramenta in metallo ottonato o nichelato

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Bellinzona Blues Sessions 2013

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62575_4969217827228_1687695201_nCI SIAMO!!! Ritornano i concerti organizzati da Coopaso e da quest’anno con importanti novità!

Dal 2 marzo al 24 maggio prende avvio la nuova rassegna organizzata da Coopaso Music Events, in collaborazione con il Garage Music di Castione e la Birreria Bavarese di Bellinzona. 
Bellinzona Blues Sessions è nata con l’obiettivo di riportare a Bellinzona i grandi nomi della scena blues Internazionale. I concerti si terranno sull’arco di 3 mesi in un periodo dell’anno non particolarmente ricco di proposte musicali e che ci accompagnerà fino ai primi caldi estivi.