…Just Another Blast Blues Show From Feelin’ Good Productions!

…Just Another Blast Blues Show From Feelin’ Good Productions!

Posted on apr 5, 2013


Umberto Porcaro & The Shuffle Kings

   Umberto, after years of hot performances “live”, has proven to be a musician of some artistic value, which
     has earned   the respect of critics and the public, becoming one of the most experienced veterans of the
     contemporary blues scene, and not only in Italy! Featuring a rich  voice,  scratchy  and  passionate  phrasing
     on  guitar, pungent and pyrotechnic, Umberto has been able to develop and blend in a natural way the jump
     blues of the Californian school with the Chicago blues, adding a rough accent, sharp and aggressive, purely
     Texan: they are the hallmarks of a dynamic and exciting musical cocktail. The Shuffle Kings, formed by
     Luca “Loppo” Tonani on bass and Lele Zamperini on drums, create a strong and powerful rhythmic section.
     Both Luca and Lele have a wealth of experience really striking, that few others can boast.
     Umberto’s guitar work is wonderfully versatile, and overall, this is an excellent and totally successful modern
     blues-based set which incorporates elements from Californian Jump blues to Texas blues and roll, displays
     of highly rumbustious goodtime guitarwork.
     Mischo’s formal music career got its start over 30 years ago while working his way up through the thriving
     Minneapolis blues scene—his first paying gig came by way of Mississippi-bred singer/guitarist Percy Strother
     in the late-1970s. By the early ’80s, Mischo was working with Muddy Waters’ band alumni, George “Mojo” Buford,
     and had discovered the secrets to achieving a full-tone on his harmonica via tongue-blocking, a method taught
     to him by recent Los Angeles transplant, Lynwood Slim, who had taken up residence in Minneapolis at the time.
     About a year after establishing an all-star blues jam with guitarist Teddy Morgan every Sunday evening
     at the Five Corners Bar in 1991, the pair released their collaborative debut effort, “Ready To Go,” featuring
     vocalist Percy Strother on Blue Moon Records. Mischo’s first official solo album, “Gonna Rock Tonight,”
     followed in ’94. Mischo continued to release top-shelf recordings, building up an impressive and sizable
     catalog in the process, while always employing the services of high caliber musicians such as Jeremy
     Johnson, Steve Freund, Junior Watson, Frank Goldwasser, Rusty Zinn, Kid Andersen, Barrelhouse Chuck,
     June Core and Richard Innes. He’s also maintained a consistently aggressive touring schedule, making
     regular trips overseas to Europe, and has even travelled to South America for performances with Brazil’s
     own blues emissaries, the Igor Prado Band.
     His Delta Groove debut, “Make It Good,” is RJ Mischo’s tenth release and he makes good on the promise
     of that title by delivering a high-octane fueled album—complete with 100% original material—backed
     by a formidable stable of talent featuring Austin’s foremost blues elite. Mischo explains: “I was at the King
     Biscuit Blues Festival watching a performance of Anson Funderburgh when the vision for this album came to me.
     I knew the drummer Wes Starr lived in Austin, Texas. I asked him right then and there if he would be interested
     in working with me on this project.” Joining Starr on the Austin sessions are guitarists Nick Curran and Johnny
     Moeller, bassist Ronnie James Weber, and pianist Nick Connolly. Drummer Richard Medek, and Mischo’s old pal,
     guitarist Jeremy Johnson, are also on board for a couple of lowdown tracks recorded in St. Paul, Minnesota.
     Prepare yourself for some big blues and a little rock ‘n roll, on what most assuredly adds up to one of RJ Mischo’s
     toughest sounding and most satisfying ventures yet…make it good indeed!

        Texas Slim

       Texas Slim could very well be a reincarnate of a passed soulful singer who plays guitar and is once again carving out a niche
        in blues music history. Born and raised in Dallas, TX…. Slim from an early age met and played with the great Alex Moore,
       (who first recorded the blues in 1929) and later Little Joe Blue. In March of 2002 Slim released his second solo effort
       “I Have Arrived” which includes the production and performance talents of Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors/Joan Osborne and others).
       In addition to his own records, Slim has recorded and toured with Cold Blue Steel, Randy McAllister, FOAMY (New Bohemians)
        and has graced the stages of the House of Blues as well as one of the first artists to ever play a Hard Rock Cafe.
        Also in late 2001 became the birth of the Love Machine. Joey Love and Bill Cornish have known each other for several years.
      Bill had been an occasional sound engineer for the Blues Xpress and when Joey needed a bass player he called
       upon Bill who had recently been on tour with Jimmy Morgan and Texas Slim backing up Randy McAllister.
       After a year and a half of performing with Bill in the Blues Xpress, Joey sensed he needed a new direction which came one night
      in the back of a club in Dallas, TX.  There was Texas Slim and Joey Love talking about wanting to form a band
      with another guitarist and as they say ‘the rest is history’. This truly has been a musical match made in heaven,
      neither Slim or Joey try to outdo the other but, actually compliment each which exudes in the music that
      transcends from the stages they perform. The year 2006 is quickly becoming the band’s best year yet starting
      if off by recording a National TV Commercial and Radio spots for Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant’s which will
      be shown in markets across the country. The video was directed by Danny Clinch who’s photography talents have been seen in
      Rolling Stone, GQ, Vanity Fair among others. Danny also directed a DVD for Bruce Springsteen which recently won a Grammy!
      The band recently took part in the 2006 IBC Competition in Memphis and drew a great deal of attention to them increasing their
      fan base and recently opened for the likes of Johnny Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, and Savoy Brown. Texas Slim third CD just come
      out in May 2009 for European label Blues Boulevard.Two new CDs produced by Feelin’ Good Records in 2011, the first one recorded
      live “Cooking with Gas”, the second one recorded
      in studio, “Lucky Mojo” turned the spotlight of the world media on him. Excellent reviews of both CDs, with some interviews
      like the one published on Blues Matters, together with a wide crowd of followers, proclaim Texas Slim as a musician of great
      talent of the new generation. Do not forget his participation in the “Blues Explosion Show” in 2009, next to E.C.ScottR.J.Mischo
      and the legendary Sonny Rhodes, and in 2012, which saw him headliner on the stages of the best European festivals together
      with Vivian Vance Kelly and  Brian Templeton. In short, a force of nature, not only in Texas !

Watch out !